Thursday, January 16, 2014

How one night Cambating turned in to my dream

I found a few Super Sexy Asian  girls while I was out surfing webcams and tube sites so I thought I should
share my experience of this amazing night. It all started when I glanced into a open window and saw this Tiny Petite Asian goddess wearing these tight shiny blue shorts and a tiny silver shirt.Next thing I knew she got up and started dancing around super sexy like. I couldn't help it but to watch now. I was in Fullscreen.

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After that was over I was feeling pretty good finding a gem like her in my first few mins out as a Cambater. But alas the show was over and I was getting hungry for more so I started off on my way. It wasn't long before I cam across this Beautiful Sexy Asian Girl that seemed to stop me in mid scroll. Again before I knew it I was back in Fullscreen again.

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I came out of Fullscreen in total amazement. I couldn't believe it I found 2 Sexy Asian Girls.I had started to think there might be something  to being a Cambater. So far it has paid off with Tiny Asian doing a striptease then a Sexy Petite Asian strips down and starts playing with her amazing little pussy. I couldn't wait to see what was going to Cum up next.So I started off again with both girls fresh in my mind.

Little did I know what I was about to get in to next. As I was surfing away I heard this humming sound and it seemed like I was getting closer to it as i moved. Didn't think too much about it at first.  But as I got closer I had to take a peek. I couldn't believe what I saw. This gorgeous little thing had a huge vibrator taped to her pussy. It was too long before I started  rubbing my cock I just couldn't take it anymore and I had to see more of her and it wasn't long before was in Full Screen once again. 

Just as she was finishing up she noticed me and asked me if I was going to sit there playing with myself or help her out I was having a'lot of fun watching her get off this way. But I couldn't refuse her and I moved in. Then when she asked me to to tape her to a chair I had to see where it would go from there. So I did as she asked then I sat down and watched the amazing show that was unfolding right in front of my eyes. I was more turned on then I had been in all the years I had been a Cambater. 

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She finally had enough and was begging my to cut her free but I was lost in it. But finally I let her go loose I was sad it was over. Then she told me that her best friend loved doing it the same way and  we headed out. I didn't believe that I could see this from Two different girls in one night I felt as if I had done to Cambater heaven. Once we arrived at her friends we had a few drinks while she got ready to put on a show for us. I was so excited my cock just kept getting harder as I watched her get ready. Then she turned to me and told me it was time and turned on her huge vibrator. It was a noisy one only slightly muffled by her sweet tender muff then I moved in for a closer look and was back in Full Screen 

After she had finished up we sat back and had a few more drinks. While the girls kept teasing my throbbing cock bringing me almost to climax and stopping just long enough so I wouldn't explode. By now my balls were swelling up to the point where they were bigger then I ever had. Just as I thought I was going to lose it right then and there.  The door swung open and in walked a gorgeous petite girl who didn't want to be left out of all the fun of teasing me. When she asked me to follow her i gave no second thought to it and followed her into the bathroom where she stripped down and grabbed her favorite toy and jumped in the shower and told me to sit back and watch how its really done. 

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after it was all finished thefour of us went out for a few drinks at the local bar and had a few drink the girls got a bit drunk so i helped them get home thinking it was the least i could do for them after they gave me such a great show as we walked they kept teasing each other like only drunk girls can by this time my cock was dripping and i was ready for anyone or all of them but just like drunk girls they passed out amost as we got back but to my suprise their room mate was home and she in the mood she grabed me by my throbbing cock and lead me in to her room and laid down on her bed 

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It was long before I got my final show of the night and at long last  my reward when I blew my load in her mouth. I came so much  I thought she was going to choke but to my surprise she swallowed it all.  I fell back on the bed all my wildest dreams fulfilled and drifted off in to a deep slumber where I had the best dreams of these crazy cock loving girls. 

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